Buyer FAQ

1. What is MyStoreRewards?

To thank buyers for their business and to give every buyer an incentive to return and buy again, many sellers use MyStoreRewards. In other words, your seller uses our service to give you cash back. When a buyer returns to make another purchase, buyers also receive repeat purchase rewards. MyStoreRewards manages this whole process for sellers and buyers. The buyer saves money on a repeat sale - and the seller gets another sale.

2. Do I need an account to receive my rewards?

No, buyers are not required to sign up for an account. You simply need to opt in to MyStoreRewards through the invitation email and use your PayPal account to make your purchases.

3. How long does it take to receive my reward?

Once you are opted in rewards are issued within 72 hours of your PayPal payment.

4. What payment methods must I use in order to take advantage of MyStoreRewards program?

Rewards are paid on PayPal account payments. This excludes credit card payments processed through PayPal or echecks processed through PayPal. You must use the traditional PayPal method only. Rewards will be issued to the same PayPal account you used to pay your seller. In order to receive future rewards you must remain opted-in and pay with the same PayPal account used when you opted-in.

5. Does this cost me anything?

No, You will not incur any fees for receiving your cash-back rewards. Rewards are paid in the currency of the item purchased and cannot exceed US$10.00 (or equivalent currency) in any 24 hour period for each PayPal account. Any refunds for returned items will be reduced by the rebate amount paid to you.

6. What does a buyer have to do in order to receive their Rewards?

Make any purchase from a participating MyStoreRewards seller and pay with your PayPal account. You will then be sent an invitation email to join your seller's MyStoreRewards program. Click the link in the email within 7 days and receive your cash back rewards into your PayPal account. Rewards are issued within 72 hours. Your PayPal account must remain active and be capable of receiving payments to participate. You will automatically receive future rewards when paying with the same PayPal account. Everything is automated. Buyers do not need to use coupon codes, fill out forms or track their own store rewards. Once a buyer accepts the terms of their MyStoreRewards offer by opting in, whenever a buyer makes a qualifying purchase MyStoreRewards issues the rewards automatically.

7. How does a buyer join MyStoreRewards?

Each buyer will get an invitation email after their first transaction so the buyer can review and accept the MyStoreRewards terms and OPT IN. A buyer must activate their account within 7 days by opting-in from the initial invitation email.

8. What emails does MyStoreRewards send the buyer?

Buyers will receive an invitation email when they make their first purchase and pay with PayPal funds. This email is part of the original purchase transaction because it fulfills the promise made by the seller to send an invitation email. This first email does not promote any other sale items. Once the buyer is opted-in they will receive periodic emails from MyStoreRewards listing items the seller has for sale and offering a cash back reward. Buyer opt-in is required in order to receive emails from MyStoreRewards. However, in a select few cases, if a buyer has an existing relationship with a buyer, and the seller provides proof of that existing relationship via a payment transaction record, a buyer can be added to a seller's MyStoreRewards program All buyers may opt-out from receiving emails at any time by clicking the opt-out link at the bottom of all emails.

The MyStoreRewards program abides by the highest levels of email policies and abides by all applicable laws and eBay rules for email distribution.

9. What purchases qualify for MyStoreRewards?

MyStoreRewards is offered on eBay auctions, buy-it-now sales and eBay store listings as well as purchases made from traditional websites.

10. Is there a cost for buyers to join MyStoreRewards?

No. MyStoreRewards is 100% free for buyers. The buyer only needs to opt-in to the program from the invitation email. There are no coupons; no codes remember; everything happens automatically every time you make a purchase from a participating seller and pay with PayPal. MyStoreRewards is ABSOLUTELY FREE to buyers.

11. What does eBay and PayPal say about MyStoreRewards?

MyStoreCredit, MyStoreRewards has developed our service to meet or exceed all eBay and PayPal rules and policies that might affect eBay and off-site sales.

We have reviewed MyStoreRewards with eBay and they are aware of how our service operates. We are a certified developer for eBay PayPal and we actively participate in eBay's and PayPal's development community. PayPal awarded MyStoreRewards with their elite "Star Developer" award for the most innovative application in 2006. eBay and PayPal have continued to support our development efforts. We are an independent company developing third party applications for online ecommerce community. eBay's stated policy on services like ours is as follows:
eBay respects the innovation and tools that third-party developers bring to eBay's online trading community. Throughout its history, eBay has exercised a hands-off approach to such development-we do not endorse third-party programs nor prohibit their use or sale, as long as the programs don't interfere with normal site performance.

12. Does MyStoreRewards send SPAM emails?

No. We do not send SPAM emails. EVER!
Essentially, MyStoreRewards sends two types of emails to buyers - neither is SPAM. The first type is non-commercial email tied to a specific MyStoreRewards record created within a transaction between a seller and a buyer. These emails do not include any commercial solicitations. They explain the MyStoreRewards program and/or notify the buyer and seller of actions relating to their existing MyStoreRewards account. This email fulfills a promise made by the seller to the buyer to send an invitation email to join MyStoreRewards. Within this email, MyStoreRewards asks buyers to confirm their opt-in permission for MyStoreRewards to send them future commerc ial emails.

The second type of email we send is considered commercial email because the emails promote a seller's active eBay or website items for sale. However, while commercial in nature, these update emails are NOT SPAM because they are sent ONLY after a buyer opts-in to receive them from MyStoreRewards.

Our buyer's generally value our update emails because they remind the buyer of their repeat purchase reward and show the buyer other active eBay and website listings where they can receive cash back for making repeat purchases.
We will never send update emails without the buyer's opt-in permission to do so.

13. How do I get help with MyStoreRewards?

We offer extensive FAQs to answer most issues. Or, you can send us any questions via email at and we will respond to them promptly.

14. How do I opt-out of the reminder emails?

To opt-out of reminder emails simply click the opt-out link at the bottom of any reminder emails. Please note, upon opting out you are no longer eligible to receive future rewards from any participating sellers.
Should you ever wish to opt-in to receive reminder emails, simply send an email to Note, you must opt in with your PayPal email address in order to receive rewards.

15. How do I find sellers who offer MyStoreRewards?

Buyers can search for sellers who offer MyStoreRewards by visiting our NEW BETA Search Tool. RewardsHere allows buyers to search for all items on eBay that offer MyStoreRewards.

16. What if my seller stops offering MyStoreRewards?

Your seller may cancel their MyStoreRewards program at any time. If your seller cancels their MyStoreRewards program, you should contact your seller for additional information on receiving future rewards. In all cases, your seller is financially responsible for your reward rebate. MyStoreRewards is only a facilitator of your seller's reward program.

17. My email address has changed what do I do?

Rewards are issued to the PayPal account you paid with. Email addresses cannot be changed unless you have also changed the address with PayPal. To request that your email be directed to another PayPal email address send a request to

18. Where can I read more about MyStoreRewards privacy policy?

MyStoreRewards values your privacy, you may read more about our privacy policy here: