Seller FAQ

1. Why offer MyStoreRewards to your buyers?

Why offer MyStoreRewards to your buyers?
Nearly all grocery stores, restaurants, airlines, gas stations, music stores, hotels, department stores, etc., offer a reward program to their buyers. These successful businesses offer a reward program because a reward program increases sales and grows profits.

You can use MyStoreRewards to offer your own, turn-key, reward program. MyStoreRewards is a powerful, flexible and inexpensive program perfect for the online seller with one employee or 1,000 employees.

MyStoreRewards is very simple to operate and is very inexpensive. As long as you accept PayPal payments, in just 10 minutes, any seller selling anything, anywhere in the world, can use MyStoreRewards to drive repeat sales and grow profits.

2. How does MyStoreRewards work?

You place a few lines of HTML code on your listing and selling pages. The HTML code shows an image like this:

on your web-site or on your eBay listings. This image must be shown to your buyers before they pay. We can automatically insert the code for you on your eBay listings. This simple image starts the process by telling your buyers they can join your MyStoreRewards program when they pay with PayPal.

The MyStoreRewards system will do everything else for you. We start by sending your buyer an invitation email that looks like this:

Once your buyer joins your MyStoreRewards program by clicking the link in the email, MyStoreRewards helps you DRIVE repeat sales by automatically sending your opted-in buyers a periodic update email reminding them that they will automatically get a reward when they make a repeat purchase from you.

The periodic update emails look like this:

You choose how frequently to send periodic reminder emails. You also choose how much rebate rewards to give your buyers for purchases. Once you have 100 buyers opted-in to your MyStoreRewards account, you can even write unique messages to your buyers and create unique offers to get your buyers to come back and buy more from you.

Our system is 100% automated. Whenever your buyer opts-in to your MyStoreReward program and whenever your buyer makes a qualifying repeat purchase, MyStoreRewards will automatically process the reward rebate for you. You won't need to do a thing.

Rebate rewards are sent only after your buyer pays for their purchase. All rebate rewards are issued within 72 hours via PayPal. You will see every rebate reward transaction in your own PayPal account and you may change anything or everything in your MyStoreRewards program at any time.

3. What does MyStoreRewards cost?

We have three simple fees and there are no hidden costs for MyStoreRewards.

First, we charge a monthly service fee of $7.95 per account. This covers unlimited transactions and you can have multiple seller IDs on one account.

Our second fee covers emails we send to your buyers. We charge $0.02 per email, when we send invitation and reminder emails to your buyers. You choose the frequency of the reminder emails (every 15, 30 or 45 days). You will receive monthly reports detailing every email sent to your buyers. Reports will show opt-in rates, email open-rates and buyer click-through rates.

Finally, MyStoreRewards charges $0.10 for each rebate reward we issue for you. You always have complete control over setting reward amounts and you can cancel your reward program at any time.

We bill our fees monthly. You will not incur fees during your free trial. We bill through your PayPal account. Because our service is integrated with PayPal, we do not currently accept any other payment methods except PayPal.

In addition to our fees, you will incur the cash reward amount you give your buyers. In most cases, we suggest rebate rewards equal to 1-5% of the payment amount your buyers pay you. Rewards cannot exceed $10.00 or equivalent currency for any buyer in any 24-hour period. Rebate rewards are issued ONLY after a buyer pays you.

Finally, PayPal charges a flat 2% fee on all reward amounts offered. We process all your rebate rewards directly through PayPal so you will need to keep enough balance in PayPal to cover rewards.

An example: If you offer a 1% reward on a $100.00 purchase, your total cost would be $1.12. $1.00 would go to your buyer (1% of $100); MyStoreRewards would charge you $0.10 to issue the reward and PayPal would charge you $0.02.

On average, if you do $20,000 a month in PayPal payments, we estimate your monthly fees to us will be $20.00, or only 1/10th of 1% of your total revenue.

4. How do buyers get their rebate reward?

Buyers who have joined your MyStoreRewards program will receive all rebate rewards through their PayPal account 72 hours after they pay you. We designed MyStoreRewards so your buyer receives the FULL reward amount. Your buyer will not pay a PayPal fee to receive their rebate reward.

Your MyStoreRewards program will issue your buyer rebate rewards directly from your PayPal account to your buyer's PayPal account. You should keep a balance in your PayPal account to cover anticipated rewards.

During sign-up, you will receive information on how to set-up your PayPal account to use MyStoreRewards.

5. What is MyStoreRewards relationship with PayPal?

Since most small online sellers can't afford their own branded credit card, we teamed up with PayPal to offer the MyStoreRewards program to any seller who accepts PayPal payments.

PayPal has over 100 million accounts and operates in over 56 countries. Nearly every eBay seller and almost all web-sites now accept PayPal as an option. PayPal's fees are also competitive with credit card processing fees. With that many accounts and with PayPal's ease-of-use and price competitiveness, it made perfect sense for MyStoreRewards to develop our program for use with the PayPal payments platform.

Our company has been issuing reward rebates through PayPal since May 2005. We have worked extensively with PayPal for well over a year in developing our MyStoreRewards service. We believe PayPal has an exceptionally secure payments platform and we believe PayPal offers sellers one of the best options in the marketplace. We are proud to be working with PayPal.

However, it is important to note that we are 100% independent and are not owned by PayPal or eBay. We receive no payments from PayPal and we pay PayPal no fees other than the usual fees a company might incur when accepting payments.

6. How does MyStoreRewards affect the fees I pay eBay or PayPal?

MyStoreRewards operates independently of PayPal and eBay and every other market platform or auction software service you may use. As such, you are expected to pay whatever fees you agreed to in each service provider's user agreement.

7. How do I handle returns with MyStoreRewards?

How do I handle returns with MyStoreRewards?
Before you issue a return to a buyer who has paid with PayPal, you should check to see if the buyer received a rebate reward. If so, simply refund the expected amount less the rebate reward. For example, if your buyer paid $100 for an item and received a $2.00 reward rebate from you, and then the buyer returns the item asking for a refund, you should send the buyer only $98.00 to complete the refund. Your buyer is notified this will happen when they join your MyStoreRewards program.

8. How do I get started with my FREE 30-day trial?

Go here to register. Getting started as a seller takes less than ten minutes. There are three sections to complete to start your FREE 30-day trial:

1) Enter your personal information (name, contact info, website/eBay ID, PayPal account, etc.)

2) Establish a PayPal Billing Agreement: In this step, you will be connected to in order to complete a billing agreement at the PayPal site. We do this for two reasons: First, it ensures we have your proper PayPal account information. MyStoreRewards is fully integrated with Paypal so we need your proper PayPal information. Second, we only bill through PayPal so the billing agreement allows us to establish your billing account after your free-trial period has expired. We will not bill you during any free-trial period.

Finally, after you have activated your account, you will receive an email with instructions on setting your PayPal account so our system can read your PayPal transactions and issue rebate rewards to your buyers.

Everything else will be automated for you. You can make changes to your reward amounts at any time. We give all new sellers a 30-day free trial. You will incur NO fees for MyStoreRewards whatsoever during the initial 30-days. Of course, rebate rewards sent from you to your buyers will be issued from your PayPal account during the trial. After your trial, your monthly fee, any email fees and any rebate reward transaction fees will be billed monthly. We only accept PayPal for payments. Register now!

9. How should I set the reward rebate amounts when I use MyStoreRewards?

By default, your reward rebates are set to give buyers a 1% reward when they join your program and to give a 2% reward on their total payment when they return for a repeat purchase. Rebate rewards are calculated on the total payment your buyer makes (including shipping and handling). However, you can change the MyStoreRewards rebate reward percentages at any time to any percent you choose.

You set those amounts as a percentage of the total PayPal payment made to your account. If you are familiar with many popular credit card reward programs, such as the Discover Card, you know the most successful reward programs issue rewards based on a percentage of the total spending amount. MyStoreRewards uses the same model.
MyStoreRewards also has a great feature, which will let you set different rebate reward levels for different buyer segments. You can segment your buyers by recent purchases, the frequency of buyer purchases and the total monetary value of the buyer's payments. This feature will be available after you reach 100 opted-in buyers.

You can change your MyStoreRewards offers as frequently as you wish by returning to MyStoreRewards and updating your account profile. MyStoreRewards is your store reward program. We encourage you to test various MyStoreRewards amounts and emails to see what works best for you and your buyers.

10. Does MyStoreRewards work on all ecommerce web-sites as well as on eBay?

Does MyStoreRewards work on all ecommerce web-sites as well as on eBay?
Yes. MyStoreRewards works for any web-site and for any eBay purchase as long as payment was made with a PayPal account. You can use MyStoreRewards from any of the 56 countries, where PayPal operates.
MyStoreRewards is very easy to use. Just place the HTML code we send you after registration, directly on to your web-site page or we'll insert it on your eBay item page(s). The HTML code calls an image from our servers to your website pages. The image notifies your buyer of their option to join your rewards program if they pay using a PayPal account. If you have an eBay account, you can authorize MyStoreRewards to automatically insert your reward offer in all your eBay listings or you can manually copy the HTML code we send you into your eBay listings.
We currently support the following currencies:

  • Canadian Dollar
  • Euro
  • Pound Sterling
  • U.S. Dollar
  • Yen
  • Australian Dollar

All rebate rewards are issued back to buyers in the currency which the sale occurred. For more information, see question 29 below.

11. What do you do with my information and my customer information?

We have an extensive Seller Privacy Policy and Buyer Privacy Policy you should read those before signing-up. Basically, we only use your buyer information to operate your MyStoreRewards program. We guard your information with the same high-levels of security we guard our own data. We take privacy and security very seriously.

It is also important to note that our service does seek and does record your buyer opt-in permission. Because your reminder emails are sent from our server, by law and to meet the highest industry standards, we are obligated to get your buyer's opt-in permission directly. That means if you wish to send your buyers emails from your own servers, you will still need to get their opt-in permission for your own emailing purposes.

12. What are my obligations if I sign-up?

When you use MyStoreRewards, you agree to place the HTML code we will send to you, on your website pages so it is visible prior to your buyer's checkout or on your eBay listing page(s). The HTML code lets your MyStoreRewards offer be shown to your buyers. If you are an eBay seller, we can place it on your listings automatically.

If you sell off-eBay, we recommend that you place the HTML code both on your selling pages and your checkout page; but that is your option. We recommend you place it on both because more of your buyers will make a purchase when they know they are going to get a reward rebate after they purchase.
There are no long-term contracts with MyStoreRewards. You can change your MyStoreRewards program at any time and you can cancel with 24 hours email notice. 

13. MyStoreRewards issues rewards directly from my PayPal account, is that secure?

Absolutely! You always control your permission for our service to issue rewards from your PayPal account. You can suspend your permission whenever you wish directly from your PayPal account. Second, and most importantly, you have 100% control over the issuing of all buyer rewards from your account. MyStoreRewards will NEVER issue buyer rewards until you have had the chance to review any pending reward.

You have 100% control of your reward process.
Our system will automatically send you (the seller) an email 48-hours before we issue your buyer rewards. If you find anything questionable, or if you need further information on any pending reward, you can immediately stop the reward file from being issued.

Here is a sample of the email we will send you:

A few more things you should remember about how our system issues your buyer rewards:

1. We only issue buyer rewards AFTER your buyer pays you, which means you always get your money first.
2. We limit any buyer reward to a maximum of USD$10.00 or equivalent currency per buyer PayPal account in a 24-hour period.
3. Our system performs multiple best-in-class security checks before we send you a reward file for your review.
4. And, remember, you will always be provided with the chance to stop any pending rewards before they are issued.

These add up to one very important statement: MyStoreRewards is highly safe and incredibly secure.

14. Is there a maximum reward amount a buyer can earn?

Yes. A buyer can only earn a maximum reward of USD$10.00 per PayPal account per 24 hour period. If you sell an item for $1,000 and offer a 5% reward, the most your buyer will receive is USD$10.00. We explain this to your buyers in the rules of the program and we remind them of it in emails we send them. We limit the reward to no more than USD$10.00 because we know sellers often cannot afford to give high-dollar rewards on high-dollar items. We also limit this for security purposes.

15. What does eBay or PayPal say about MyStoreRewards?

MyStoreRewards has developed our service to meet or exceed all eBay and PayPal rules and policies that might affect your listings, or standing, as a registered eBay or PayPal user.

We have reviewed MyStoreRewards with both PayPal and eBay and they are aware of how our service operates. We are a certified developer for both eBay and PayPal and we actively participate in eBay and PayPal's development community.

16. What do I need to do with my accounting systems when I use MyStoreRewards?

Most sellers simply record reward payments and associated MyStoreRewards fees as marketing expenses in their accounting system. Because MyStoreRewards does not need to interface with other systems, you can use MyStoreRewards with any accounting package or auction software package.

17. Do I need to make any changes to my systems to use MyStoreRewards?

No. MyStoreRewards is a turn-key program. MyStoreRewards was designed to work with any web-site, anywhere in the world. You can use any e-commerce software or auction management software program. However, you must accept PayPal to use MyStoreRewards.

If you sell on eBay, during sign-up you can check a box and provide your eBay ID and we'll insert your MyStoreRewards offer in each of your auctions and store listings.

Once your MyStoreRewards image is on your website pages or auction listings, everything else is 100% automated. It is this simple: If you can insert a picture on your website or in your eBay listings, you can use MyStoreRewards.

18. Does MyStoreRewards send SPAM emails?

No. We do not send SPAM emails. Our service is white-listed on the major email services. We make it our business to know the laws and policies that a customer email program needs to follow, so you won't have to spend your valuable time learning those laws and policies.

MyStoreRewards sends two types of emails to buyers, neither is SPAM. The first type is an invitation email tied to a specific PayPal transaction between a seller and a buyer. These emails do not include any commercial solicitations. The invitation emails only confirm the PayPal payment was received and invites the buyer to join the seller's MyStoreRewards program. Within the invitation email, MyStoreRewards asks buyers to provide opt-in permission for MyStoreRewards to send them future commercial emails.

The second type is our periodic reminder emails. These are considered commercial email because the emails will promote a seller's items to the opted-in buyer. However, while commercial in nature, these update emails are NOT SPAM because they are sent ONLY after a buyer opts-in to receive them from MyStoreRewards.

Buyers choose to opt-in to receive our periodic reminder emails when they accept their first rebate reward. If the buyer does not opt-in, the buyer does not receive a rebate reward. Buyers can opt-out at anytime. In fact, because we believe in giving buyers control of their email box, we make it very easy for them to opt-out. However, once opted-out, buyers no longer automatically receive a reward on repeat purchases. Historically, we know we get less than 1 opt-out per each 5,000 emails we send.

Our opt-in permission process meets or exceeds all legal, eBay and PayPal standards for commercial email. For more information read our Seller Privacy Policy.

19. I sell most items under $10.00, is it worth offering MyStoreRewards to my buyers?

When you create your MyStoreRewards account, you can set the buyer reward levels to whatever percentage you wish. If you sell mostly $10.00 items, you may want to set your reward level to 5% or 10%. That way your buyers will get $0.50 or $1.00 for joining your MyStoreRewards program.

20. For some of my sales, a buyer may only get a $0.50 reward. Is that worth it to the buyer?

One thing we have learned in all our years of running reward programs is that no one gets upset when you give them money.

In fact, try this experiment when you are out in public today. Take a quarter out of your pocket and drop it on the ground. Then sit back and watch how many people look at the quarter and walk past it without picking it up. Let us know if more than three people do so, because we've never seen a quarter sit on the ground that long before someone picks it up.

While that is a fun experiment to try, we really do suggest you experiment with your own reward levels. Setting different reward levels is incredibly easy on MyStoreRewards. It takes about 30 seconds. Because your buyers will be different from another seller's, we strongly advise that you test different reward levels to see what works best for your business.

21. What sort of results can you expect from the MyStoreReward program?

You will see your sales and profits increase when you use MyStoreRewards. But don't take our word for it. We suggest you track your results and if we aren't driving sales and profits for you - then stop your program!

In fact, we make it very easy for you to see your results. We show your statistics right when you log-in. You'll see how many buyers are in your program, how much those buyers have spent with you and how much you've paid us to run MyStoreRewards. You'll soon see we can increase your business in several ways:

First, we get much higher opt-in rates for you than you would ever get on your own. Our history tells us that we get about ten times (yes, that is TEN times) the opt-in rates under our programs than a typical seller might get asking a buyer to opt-in to an email list. To put it bluntly: Many more of your buyers will join your email list under our service than virtually any other email service you can run yourself or find on the internet - because they receive a reward when they do!

What's more, you'll find your buyers will respond to the emails we send suggesting they return to purchase from you. Compared to industry standards, we generally see double the response rates to emails we send under our program. The addition of a reward offer in an email is a very strong incentive for your buyers to return and buy again. Remember, you also can set the frequency of your emails so you adjust your email campaign to best fit your strategy.

22. How does MyStoreRewards get access to my PayPal sales information?

We use the PayPal approved Automated Program Interface (API). After sign-up, we'll send you instructions on how to set your PayPal account up for our service.

There are two primary activities we will automatically complete for you using your PayPal account. The first is to "read" your PayPal sales. This allows our service to "see" who made purchases with you and how much they paid you. Secondly, once we have this information we can send an invitation to your new buyers and automatically calculate and send rebate rewards to those buyers who opt-in to your MyStoreRewards program.

We also access your PayPal account directly to issue rebate rewards from within your PayPal account. We do this using the PayPal MassPay function. After sign-up we'll send you instructions on how to give our service automated access to issue your MassPay payments. Read about how secure this process is in Question 13 above.

It is important to state that you have 100% control over what access you provide us at PayPal.

23. How do I get help with MyStoreRewards?

We offer easy-to-use forms during registration, and our processes are simple for you to use. We also offer these extensive FAQ's to answer most issues. Lastly, you can send us any question via email to and we will respond promptly.

24. Can I see a sample of the update email that is sent to buyers?

Yes, please click here for a sample of an invitation email and click here for a sample of the periodic reminder email we send to your opted-in buyers.

25. Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. To cancel your MyStoreRewards account at any time, simply send an email to with the subject of "Cancel My Account". Once you cancel, MyStoreRewards will contact each of your buyers to inform them that your reward program is ending. We do so using the following email form:

Dear <buyername>:

As of the date of this email, <sellername> will be ending his/her MyStoreRewards program. Thank you for your participation in MyStoreRewards and your opt-in permission with <sellername> is no longer in effect at MyStoreRewards.
Customer Service,
MyStoreRewards, Inc.

Once you cancel, you are responsible for removing any reference to MyStoreRewards from your website pages or on your eBay listings. We cannot automatically remove the image from your listing pages.

26. When you send my buyers a reminder email, what items are being cross-sold in that email?

The answer depends on whether you sell on eBay or not. If you sell on eBay, we have worked with eBay to develop an intelligent cross-selling function in our system. We will look at the last item your buyer purchased and do a key-word and category match to that item. We have found that buyers are far more likely to buy similar items or items in similar categories, so we intelligently select those items for your email.

If you use MyStoreRewards on your own web-site, once you reach 100 buyers, you can create a custom campaign to cross-sell the items you want to your buyers. Creating custom campaigns is easy and gives you greater flexibility in promoting "hot" items or sending higher-priced items to bigger spenders.

In either case, you should view the reminder emails as a powerful new communications tool you will have with your buyer. We track buyer response to the reminder emails so you know how many buyers open the emails, how many click through to items promoted in your emails and how many buyers purchase within 72 hours of getting one of your reminder emails. That information is sent to you each month in an email report.

27. How do I get started with custom campaigns?

Once you have 100 buyers opted-in to your MyStoreReward program, you will have the ability to segment your buyers into different groups. You can then send different reward offers to the different groups of buyers. For instance, you can send all buyers who have spent, say $500 with you in the last year, one reward offer. Or, you could set up a custom campaign so any buyer who hasn't purchased from you in 90-days receives a different reward. You can also create a special season sale offer for Mother's Day or Christmas by giving a special bonus of 10% back on all purchases during the sale. Hopefully, you get the picture. The custom campaign tool is very powerful, but very simple to use. It will be available on the site after June 15, 2006 and will be available to use only after you have 100 opted-in buyers

28. What is an eBay® token?

An eBay token is a piece of data that is created by eBay and passed to third party applications. eBay created tokens so applications, such as MyStoreRewards, do not have to ask for eBay User IDs and eBay passwords. This is for security reasons as it helps to prevent the spoofing of eBay accounts. This is why we suggest that sellers do not use their eBay password when signing up for a MyStoreRewards account, but instead choose another one. Towards the end of the MyStoreRewards sign up process, we redirect eBay sellers to the eBay web site where they have to enter their eBay User ID and password (for the account they are signing up with MyStoreRewards). At that point, eBay sends us a token for that particular seller account. Tokens can expire if there are any changes done to your eBay account such as email address or changing your eBay password. We will notify you if you need to refresh your token for any reason. It is important that we always have an active token in order to process seller auctions and to issue rewards to your buyers. Without a valid one, we are unable to process your auctions.

29. How do my international buyers get their reward?

We issue your buyer rewards in the same currency as the buyer paid. If you are a US seller and have a Canadian buyer, that buyer may pay for your item in Canadian dollars, but PayPal automatically exchanges the currency back into US dollars to pay you. This works well for both parties because, as far as you both think, you are only operating in your own currency. However, when we issue rewards, we make the reward payment in the buyer's original currency.

To properly issue the reward to your buyer, you need foreign currency balances in your PayPal account. You will get an email notifying you of foreign currencies BEFORE they are issued. When you get the email, ensure that your PayPal account has the required currency balance available. The steps to do that are below:

1) Log-in to PayPal. Click on the "Profile" link in the main header bar. When that opens, click on "Currency Balances" under the heading "Financial Information."
2) A new window will open and you can click the radial-dial button for the currency you want to add. Next, click "Open Balance" at the bottom of the page. This "opens" the currency account for that currency. Next, you have to move money into the opened currency account to cover the pending reward.
3) To put money into your new PayPal currency account, click the "Convert" link on the same page (lower right, under the box). The boxes will give you the option to transfer money from one currency account to another (e.g. you can transfer USD $10.00 to Euros). Click the "Continue" button, then click "Convert" and confirm the transaction. You should see a confirming screen showing the money in the foreign currency account.